This course is based on the Health Canada Cannabis Regulation and is a complete training solution for all individuals that need to acquire knowledge of regulations to work in the cannabis / Marijuana industry in Canada.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this online course trainees will:

  • be able to understand the basics of the Cannabis Regulation;
  • have the confidence to outline the main GPP (Good Production Practices) requirements related to premises, storage facilities and personnel;
  • get familiar with the principles of the GPP quality system and quality control and the important procedures when dealing with complaints and recalls

Course content:

  • What is GPP?
  • Why is GPP important?
  • Official GPP Directives.
  • the basic requirements of Good Production Practice.

Cannabis / Marijuana  Quality System

  • Principle and overview of the Pharmaceutical Quality System.
  • Development, content and implementation of PQS.
  • Key personnel.
  • Background and duties of the Qualified person.
  • Duties of the Head of production department.
  • Duties of the Head of quality control.
  • Person releasing the batch.
  • Consultants.
  • Personnel training and hygiene.
  • Production area.
  • Storage area.
  • Quality control areas.
  • Ancillary areas.
  • Equipment.
  • Premises.
  • Generation and control of documentation.
  • Types of documents and specifications.
  • Manufacturing formula and processing instructions.
  • Packaging instructions.
  • Procedures and records.
  • General principles.
  • Prevention of cross-contamination in production.
  • Guidelines for starting materials.
  • Processing operations.
  • Packaging materials and operations.
  • Guidelines for finished products.
  • General principles.
  • Main tasks of the Quality control department.
  • Technical transfer of testing methods.
  • Transfer protocol.

Complaints and Recalls and Reporting of Adverse events

  • GPP Guidelines related to complaints.
  • Classification of defects.
  • Product Recalls.
  • Reporting of Adverse events to Health Canada