FDA's Food Safety Plan Builder (FSPB) is a tool designed to assist owners/operators of food facilities with the development of food safety plans that are specific to their facilities and meet the requirements of the Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis, and Risk-Based Preventive Controls for Human Food regulation (21 CFR Part 117).

Use of this tool is strictly optional on the part of the user. FDA is not requiring use of this tool to develop a facility's food safety plan. Although the content of the Food Safety Plan Builder v. 1.2 is consistent with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) existing regulations and guidance, use of the Food Safety Plan Builder by owners and operators of food facilities does not mean that their food safety plan, preventive controls, good manufacturing practices and other food safety procedures are approved by or comply with FDA requirements.

A food safety plan is a set of written documents based on food safety principles and is developed using a systematic approach to identify those hazards that require preventive controls to prevent foodborne illness or injury. The food safety plan incorporates hazard analysis, preventive controls, supply-chain programs and a recall plan, and delineates the procedures to be followed for monitoring, corrective actions and verification. In this FSPB tool, the tabs across the top of the window represent each of the sections for developing a written food safety plan – Facility Information, Preliminary Steps, GMPs & Prerequisite Programs, Hazard Analysis & Preventive Controls Determination, Process Preventive Controls, Food Allergen Preventive Controls, Sanitation Preventive Controls, Supply-Chain Preventive Controls, Recall Plan, Reanalysis of Food Safety Plan, Signature, Recordkeeping Procedures, Important Contacts, and Supporting Documents. Information from each of these tabs can be compiled into the Food Safety Plan tab.