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Welcome to Crown College of Canada, your Premier certification provider.
by Crown College Administrator - Tuesday, 16 October 2018, 12:57 AM


Welcome to Crown, your International certification partner operating under the Crown College of Canada, a registered corporation in Ontario, Canada. We are a registered vendor for training at the United Nations including the World Health Organization and an NIH approved remote site in Canada. We Fully guarantee our fast track on-line and in-class courses and programs to be less than 40 hours with an enrollment fee less than $1000 plus applicable tax. This is based on our Crown policy for promoting education and career development at an affordable cost and time applied to all of our courses and programs offered to Governmental Agencies, Industries, Professionals, New Graduates, New Immigrants and Refugees, and Job Seekers. For off-site courses, Audits and Inspections, and educational events in Canada or any other country, please contact us at Additional charges may apply for transportation and accommodation. 

Contact Crown at: for registration or attending the next free career consultation meeting with an expert in the Pharma, Food, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Natural Health products, or Cannabis industries.

Crown College of Canada offers post graduate programs (Cdn$ 980 + certification fee ($20) + tax each) in Quality Assurance Management-GMP, Quality Control-GLP, Clinical Research-GCP, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance-GVP, Supply Chain and Distribution-GDP, Regulatory Affairs and Submissions, Sanitation, Cannabis Act and Regulation, Computer System Validation, GMP Validation, Establishment Licence, Inspections and Audits, Quality Management Manual and SOP writing, Computer Systems, Document Management Systems, Food Sciences and HACCP, Nutrition and Exercise, Mental Health, Leadership and Management, Project Management, Management of Business Administration, Public Health, and 200+ other programs, certification courses, and computer programs. 

We are located at 128 Willowdale Avenue, 3d Floor, North York, Ontario, Canada.